Magnesium – Mg2+

Magnesium is the element of life and its high content is the characteristic of our natural mineral water. The daily requirement of magnesium is between 250 and 350 mg. This element is indispensable for the correct development of living organisms, since it takes part in 300 biochemical processes. Magnesium decides on the proper functioning of the immune system as well as the nervous and muscular system.

Calcium – Ca2+

Calcium is the main constituent of bones and teeth and is responsible for the balance of the excitability of nerves and skeletal muscles as well as for maintaining normal blood coagulation. It has a positive influence on metabolism, is indispensible for the correct functioning of the heart and facilitates healing of some inflammatory conditions. It prevents cancer and osteoporosis. Calcium is especially needed by girls at puberty and women in the menopause period.

Bicarbonates – HCO3-

Bicarbonates alkalise gastric acids and are specially recommended to people suffering from hyperacidity, since they bring relief in the disease. Water with the high content of bicarbonates has a positive impact on the system in the initial stages of diabetes, since bicarbonates contribute to decreasing sugar content in blood and urine as well as decreasing the secretion of acetone. They also have a positive influence on the activity of insulin and regulate blood Ph level. Importantly, people suffering from hypoacidity should not drink too much water with the high content of bicarbonates (more than 600 mg/l) and healthy people should avoid drinking too much water with bicarbonate content above 1000 mg/l because it can disturb their digestive processes!!!

Potassium – K+

The correct level of potassium is significant for the functions of the brain circulatory system and the functioning of the heart. Potassium decreases blood pressure and helps in the allergy treatment. It takes part in the process of contraction of skeletal and heart muscles, conduction of nerve impulses and activity of enzymes. Together with magnesium, it guarantees the maintenance of cell homeostasis.

Iron – Fe

Iron is an element of the blood pigment, muscles and enzymes. It takes part in the processes of tissue respiration.

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